How to Clean a Car Quickly and Easily: Dirtbusters Waterless Wash & Wax

Published: 15/08/2019

It’s the summer holidays and you want to give your car a quick wash whilst the kids are playing, or maybe you just took your car for a spin and it got a little dusty. A deep clean and valet isn’t required all the time. So, we’ve given our guide on how to clean your car the quickest way using our recommended car cleaning products from our range.

Getting a Quick Clean on Your Car

This guide gives instructions on how to clean a car quickly and safely. It’s suitable for slightly dirty and dusty cars, so if your car needs a deep clean, we advise making sure that it gets just that! Head over to our blog post ‘How to Valet Your Car Like a Pro at Home’ for tips on deep car cleaning.

This article is a guide for a quick clean in between deeper cleans to top up that cleanliness and shine.

What You Will Need

-Cleaning cloths (preferably microfibre)
-Bucket of warm water
-Dirtbusters Alloy Wheel Cleaner
-Dirtbusters Waterless Wash & Wax

Dirtbusters Alloy Wheel Cleaner and WaterlessDirtbusters Alloy Wheel Cleaner and Waterless Wash & Wax Coconut Fragrance

Set Up

When cleaning any car, you should keep it out of direct sunlight preferably cleaning in the morning or evening when the temperature is cooler. The sun can cause the car to dry very quickly, which can leave car exterior streaky.

Park the car on concrete, preferably close to an outside tap and with access to a plug or extension lead to make it easier for you.

Step 1: Remove Grit & Sand

Firstly, wipe a damp cloth over car exterior to remove any, grit, sand or big chunks of dirt that could scratch the surface during the main cleaning process. Gently wipe the car without applying too much pressure.

Step 2: Wheels

The first part of the car to clean is the wheels. Cleaning the wheels first avoids flicking dirt up a newly cleaned car exterior. You might want to use an alloy wheel brush to get in between the alloys. Otherwise, use a microfibre cloth.

Our Alloy Wheel Cleaning solution is an acid free formula, designed to lift brake dust, dirt and deposits from alloys, leaving them perfectly clean.

Spray Alloy Wheel Cleaner onto one wheel and agitate using a microfibre cloth to remove thick dirt. Rinse off with fresh water from a hose or bucket. Work your way around each wheel one at a time.

Dirtbusters Alloy Wheel Cleaner resultsBefore & after cleaning with Dirtbusters Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Before and after interior car cleaning Dirtbusters

Before and after quick interior car cleaning 

Step 3: Car Exterior Cleaning

The best solution to use for speedy car cleaning is Waterless Wash & Wax.

Waterless does not require any equipment, so there is no preparing buckets of water or hoses. All you’ll need is the waterless solution and microfibre cloths to achieve a quick yet professional standard car clean.

Choose a waterless fragrance of your choice (Summer Berries, Coconut, Cherry or Mint), and spray the solution onto a section of the car exterior. Use a clean cloth to wipe away dirt, mud and dust, spraying and wiping as you go around the car exterior.

It is important to keep changing the cleaning cloths so that they are always clean, and dirt is not being spread around. This will ensure that car exterior is left beautifully clean, waxed and shiny. The wax in our Waterless solution gives a water beading treatment, allowing water to roll off car exterior without leaving water marks. 

Waterless is perfect for cleaning on the go, or in between those deeper cleans. It can be used on windows and mirrors and it also doubles up as a car interior polish.

Step 4: Quick Car Interior Cleaning

Quick cleaning car interior is easy with our Waterless solution that doubles up as an interior polish. Spray the product onto a microfibre cloth and wipe around the surfaces on the inside of the car.

Choose a fragrance from coconut, cherry, mint or summer berries to leave your car interior smelling fresh and clean.

Hoover the seats and floor to get rid of any extra dust and dirt.


And that’s it! You’ve finished the car clean. If you do find that you have some extra time, wax car exterior with Super Cera Carnauba wax. This will keep the car protected meaning the clean will last longer.

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