How to Clean a Diamond Ring at Home: Dirtbusters Ultrasonic Cleaner

Published: 15/02/2019

There’s nothing better than catching your brand-new diamond ring glistening in the light. Caring for your ring is essential to keep that sparkling shine and is all part of the fun. Rings tend to gather dirt easily, especially if they are worn every day, which can result in a matte or dull finish. Cleaning your ring regularly helps to avoid this and to maintain a beautiful finish.  

Cleaning a diamond ring can be daunting, it’s precious and scratching it would be a nightmare. Many general household solutions can be abrasive and therefore unsafe for precious jewellery. So, what can you clean it with? Dirtbusters Ultrasonic Cleaning solution is a non-abrasive, non-toxic safe formula that achieves professional results. It can be used manually or inside an Ultrasonic Machine to safely clean any diamond ring.

With the right cleaning solution and the know-how, diamond rings can be cleaned safely back to their original shiny finish.

This article gives you our top tips on how to use Dirtbusters Ultrasonic Cleaner to effectively but safely clean a diamond ring.


What you will need to clean a diamond ring at home

What You Will Need:

Dirtbusters Ultrasonic Cleaner

A bowl

A soft toothbrush

Microfibre cloth

Ultrasonic Machine (optional)

Soaking the Ring in Solution

The first step is to dilute Dirtbusters Utrasonic Solution with warm water in a bowl. For light dirt/general cleaning dilute the solution 100ml per litre of warm water), and for heavy dirt dilute 200ml per litre of warm water.

Put the ring into the bowl of diluted solution and leave to work for a few minutes.

Cleaning the Ring

When the ring has been soaking in the solution for a few minutes, take it out and rinse with clean water if it looks sufficiently clean. Dry with a soft cloth or flannel.

For a deeper clean, use a very soft toothbrush to work into the parts of the ring where dirt has become lodged. Rinse clean with fresh water and dry with a soft cloth or flannel.

Cleaning Other Jewellery

Dirtbusters Ultrasonic Solution is suitable for most jewellery and watches (apart from plated opals and some cheaper stones). Use Ultrasonic to clean other jewellery either in an ultrasonic machine or by hand as often as needed.

Dirtbusters Ultrasonic Solution

Ultrasonic solution is available in 500ml or 1Litre bottles. It has a neutral PH, which is safe and gentle on jewellery yet effective at removing dirt and grime from jewellery and watches.

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Dirtbusters Ultrasonic Solution

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