How to Clean Artificial Grass: Dirtbusters Artificial Grass Cleaner

Published: 02/09/2019

There are many benefits to artificial grass, no grass cutting, less maintenance, less mud and mess. No holes in the grass from dogs that love to dig, and no muddy paw prints throughout your home!

If you’ve chosen artificial grass for your garden you will still need to give it a clean every so often to keep it fresh, and you don’t have to miss out on the fresh cut grass smell either. Artificial Grass Cleaner has a fresh cut grass smell, giving you that lovely fragrance you miss out on with artificial grass.

Cleaning artificial grass can be done as often as needed. If you have pets and they use the lawn often, then using our cleaning solution will clean and deodorise leaving a fresh smell behind instead.

In the summer months cleaning might need to be done more frequently to keep on top of dirt. Using the garden more often and with less rain, having a cleaning solution handy is a great benefit for the maintenance of artificial grass. 

How to Clean Artificial Grass with Dirtbusters Artificial Grass CleanerDirtbusters Artificial Grass Cleaner

Dirtbusters Artificial Grass Cleaner is a concentrated solution, making it very economical. It is to be diluted 2 parts water to 1-part Artificial Grass cleaning solution. The amount of solution needed, depends on the size of the area to be cleaned.

Before cleaning, make sure that any debris is out of the way. Use a garden brush to sweep away leaves and debris.

Apply the diluted product using a pump spray or watering can to the area to be cleaned. Agitate with a hard brush in heavily soiled areas where necessary. Leave for 15-20 minutes to soak before rinsing off with fresh water.

The solution can be used neat in heavily soiled/bad odour areas.

How often the artificial grass needs cleaning depends on how much it is used. For those with pets, hosing down and cleaning with Artificial Grass Cleaner often will help to maintain the grass. Otherwise, use the solution when dirt starts to build up.

Artificial Grass Cleaner for Pet Odours

Our Artificial Grass Cleaner is a deodoriser. It works to deodorise malodours, leaving behind a fresh cut grass fragrance instead.Puppy on Artificial Grass

This product is perfect for those with pets. Using the cleaner to clean up after faeces and urine will ensure that no bad odours are left behind. Use as often as needed to maintain that fresh cut grass smell.

Not only does the product deodorise, but it has a reactivating odour treatment that continues to work after the application, so that fresh grass fragrance lasts.

Artificial Grass Cleaner is a concentrated solution, it is a pet and child friendly cleaning and deodorising treatment, perfect for the maintenance of artificial grass. Buy it now from our online store here.

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