How to Control Pet Odour on Artificial Grass

Published: 10/03/2020

Artificial grass is a popular choice for households with children and pets. It’s less maintenance and can look just as good as real grass, without the muddy paws and shoes!

We created Artificial Grass Cleaner, which has great reviews and loved by you! But we wanted to create a pet specific version, with extra deodorisers, to tackle unwanted odours and stains on grass from cats, dogs, rabbits and all our fury friends.

Artificial Grass Cleaner Pet Odour Control does everything that the original does (cleans, stain removes, sanitises and deodorises) but is more targeted to treat pet odours with urine and odour neutralisers, extra deodorisers and a reactivating odour treatment. The fragrance is Geranium & Chamomile, the essential oils fragrance from our pet carpet cleaning range that we know you love.

How Often Should you Clean Artificial Grass?

Cleaning artificial grass can be done as often as needed. We recommend every month, or each time a mess is made that needs clearing up. In particular, dog urine and faeces, that can leave bad smells on the grass if not cleaned properly.

In the summer months cleaning might need to be done more frequently to keep on top of dirt. Using the garden more often and with less rain, having a cleaning solution handy is a great benefit for the maintenance of artificial grass. 


Dirtbusters Artificial Grass Cleaner is a concentrated solution, making it very economical. It is to be diluted 2 parts water to 1-part Artificial Grass cleaning solution. The amount of solution needed, depends on the size of the area to be cleaned.

Before cleaning, make sure that any debris is out of the way. Use a garden brush to sweep away leaves and debris. This can also be helpful for cat and dog hair, which might get stuck in the artificial grass leading to trouble with dirt and debris naturally draining away. Use a brush to brush through the grass to keep it in its best condition.

Apply the diluted product using a pump spray or watering can to the area to be cleaned. Agitate with a hard brush in heavily soiled areas where necessary. Leave for 15-20 minutes to soak, allowing for the solution to deodorise, before rinsing off with fresh water.Dogs with Pet Odour Control Artificial Grass Cleaner

The solution can be used neat in heavily soiled/bad odour areas.

Clean as often as needed or to treat a specific patch of artificial grass.

Artificial Grass Cleaner Pet Odour Control is a concentrated solution, it is a pet and child friendly cleaning and deodorising treatment, perfect for the maintenance of artificial grass that pets love to use. Buy it now from our online store here.

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Our dogs Billy and Otis inspired the design for this product. See them in the image to the right with the product!

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