How to Use Multi Surface Sanitiser to Kill Germs and Viruses Around the Home

Published: 26/03/2020

 We hope you are all keeping healthy and happy during this uncertain time. We have been working hard to get new products to you that are targeted to kill viruses, at as reasonable prices as possible and in concentrated solutions so that you can get more for your money.

With these uncertain times, sanitising and hygiene is of utmost importance.  Here’s a guide on how to clean the surfaces around your home safely and effectively with Dirtbusters Multi Surface Sanitiser.

What Kills Germs?Dirtbusters Multi Surface Sanitiser 1Litre concentrate

Multi Surface Sanitiser has been formulated using Triameen Y12D, which has been certified to kill viruses, bacteria and fungi that can live on surfaces.

It has been tested to a contact time of 10 minutes meaning that the chemicals within the solution work hard to kill any germs, bacteria and viruses during this time.

How Often Should You Use Multi Surface Sanitiser?

You can use Multi Surface Sanitiser as often as needed to make sure the household or workplace stays germ and virus free.

We recommend using at least once a week in high traffic areas in the home or workplace, especially when a known virus is present.

How to Use Multi Surface Sanitiser

To use thisDirtbusters Multi Surface Sanitiser 5Litre Concentrate solution, you must dilute it into a trigger spray bottle at the dilution rate of up to 25:1. For example, with 1 Litre of solution to 25 litres of water.

The product is a concentrated solution so that it lasts for a long time. Just 1 Litre of solution can make up to 25 litres of sanitiser.

Once the sanitiser has been diluted, spray onto surfaces and leave for 10 minutes to airdry. Make sure you clean door handles, and all surfaces including wood, plastic and stainless steel. This product is also suitable for use on carpets and upholstery, subject to testing.




We hope that everyone is staying well and safe during this time. If you have any questions about using this product, please let us know.
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