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How to Professionally Valet Your Car at Home

Published: 18/05/2018

You can give your car a premium, professional valet at home by following the below instructions and using the right products. 

This article gives instructions for a deep clean for those wanting to keep their car shiny and looking brand new. It will take more time than a quick general clean and is more suited to those wanting to spend time caring for and protecting their car.

Investing in a good set of car cleaning products will give you several full car cleans. Dirtbusters Super Cera range of car cleaning products are a premium set of environmentally aware, professional cleaning products each with their own blend of finest waxes to give a professional clean.

Most people choose to clean their car on a very hot day, usually in direct sunlight. Washing your car in direct sunlight can cause streaking and water marks from cleaning solutions drying too quickly. You can clean your car on a hot day, but for best results avoid direct sunlight.

Dirtbusters Professional Cleaning Products lifestyle range have been created to help you to escape reality, if you love your car and enjoy looking after it, these set of instructions are for you. Get out there and enjoy your passion.

Follow the following steps for a full car valet inside & out.



  • A pack of microfibre cloths
  • Bucket of water
  • Hose or pressure washer
  • Super Cera Wash & Wash
  • Super Cera Finest Hybrid Car Wax
  • Dirtbusters Bio Blast Alloy wheel cleaner (or other suitable for your wheels)
  • Optional wheel brush
  • Dirtbusters Wheel Sealant wax
  • Super Cera Snow Foam (optional)


Step 1:
The first step is to hose your car down to get rid of any debris on the car that might get in the way whilst cleaning it. If your car is very dirty, we recommend skipping the hose down and using Super Cera Snow Foam instead. For this you will need a snow foam lance. Simply spray onto the car, leave to work and wash off with clean water. Using snow foam gets rid of any debris that could slightly scratch the car, as it lifts the dirt whilst cleaning.

Step 2:
We recommend starting with the wheels. This is so that you get rid of the initial build-up of dirt and avoid splashes of dirt onto the paintwork later on.
With your Dirtbusters Bio Blast Alloy Wheel Cleaner, spray the solution onto the alloys. With a wet microfibre cloth wipe over the wheels and then hose down with clean water. This is just the initial wheel clean, but instantly you will see much cleaner wheels.

Step 3:
Next move onto cleaning the body of the car. Super Cera Wash & Wax contains Carnauba wax and cleans and waxes in one. The solution is highly concentrated and only a small amount is needed per bucket of water. After diluting the Wash & Wax in a bucket of water, soak a microfibre cloth in the solution and wipe over the roof to start with. If you have a car cleaning brush you can also use this if you’d prefer.
By washing the roof first, it will avoid the dirt from the top soaking down to the rest of the clean car. Hose the roof and the rest of the car down with clean water.
Move around the car section by section, cleaning using your microfibre or car cleaning brush soaked in diluted wash & wax before hosing off with fresh water.
Super Cera Wash & Wax forms a water repellent coating, which causes water to bead making your car cleaner for longer.

Step 4:
Once you have cleaned the body of your car you can move onto giving your wheels a deep clean. You will need Dirtbusters Bio Blast solution, microfibre and an optional wheel brush. Spray the solution onto the wheels the same way as you did in step 2. To give an even deeper clean, use your wheel brush to brush down the wheels and get into every corner. Using a wheel brush should not harm your wheels. The brush should be soft enough to clean the wheels safely and effectively. Using a cone-shaped wheel brush will really help to get into every corner, making cleaning so much easier.

Step 5:
The next step is to wax your car. You must let the paintwork dry before using any wax. If it is not a warm day and the car does not dry easily, wipe over the surface lightly with a microfibre cloth getting rid of any wet patches. With a round sponge dipped in Super Cera Finest Car Wax, apply the wax onto the paintwork of the car in circular motions.
After wax has been applied to the entire car, leave to work and dry for 10 minutes before buffing with a dry microfibre cloth.

Step 6:
Apply Dirtbusters Wheel Sealant using a round sponge. Dirtbusters Wheel Sealant is suitable for aluminium, chrome and painted wheels. Work the wax into the alloys in circular motions and then leave to dry for a few minutes (the wax should go hard and visible). Buff into the alloys with a microfibre cloth.

Mercedes before valeting with Dirtbusters products

Mercedes before a full valet with Dirtbusters car cleaning products

Mercedes after full valet

Alloy wheels before using Dirtbusters Bio Blast

Alloy wheels before using Bio Blast to get rid of the first layer of dirt

Alloy wheels waxed with Dirtbusters wheel wax sealant

Alloy wheels waxed with Dirtbusters Wheel Wax Sealant

Super Cera Wash and Wax

Super Cera Wash & Wax

Super Cera car wax with Carnauba

Before applying Super Cera was with Carnauba


To clean the interior of your car you will need:

  • Microfibre cloths
  • Hoover
  • Leather Cleaner, Conditioner & Balm
  • Super Cera Waterless Wash & Wax
  • Dirtbusters Glass Cleaner


Step 1:
Hoover the whole car including the boot, making sure you use the correct nozzle to get into the tight spaces e.g. under and in between seats. Take the car mats out and dust off and hoover down.

Step 2:
If there’s any marks or stains on material seats, use a carpet cleaning solution such as Dirtbusters Clean & Deodorise. This solution will clean, remove stains and deodorise with its low PH solution.
For leather seats you can use Dirtbusters Leather Cleaner, conditioner and balm to fully clean, protect and polish your seats. Spray the Leather Cleaner onto the seats and wipe over the surface using a dry microfibre cloth. Apply the conditioner using a microfibre cloth working into the leather in circular motions. If using Dirtbusters Leather Balm, work into the leather with a sponge or microfibre cloth. Leave to dry for a couple of minutes before buffing with a dry cloth. Dirtbusters Leather cleaning solutions are not suitable for use on Suede, Nubuck or Aniline.

Step 3:
Dust and polish the interior. Super Cera Waterless Wash & Wax doubles up as a polish for car interior. Spray the waterless solution onto the interior of the car and wipe over the surface with a microfibre cloth to buff away the dust and polish the surfaces.

Step 4:
Lastly, use Dirtbusters Glass Cleaner to clean the inside of the windows. Spray the solution onto each window and buff in circular motions with a microfibre cloth.

Mercedes interior before valeting with Dirtbusters products

Mercedes interior before valeting

Mercedes interior after polishing with Dirtbusters products

Mercedes inetior after polishing with Super Cera Waterless

After completing the steps for interior and exterior cleaning your car should be looking sparkling clean. 

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