Alternative, Cost Effective Carpet Shampoo Solutions for Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning Machines -

 Rug Doctor create cleaning machines such as Hard Floor Cleaners, Spot Cleaners and Deep Carpet Cleaner machines. These are available for hire or for purchase, making cleaning your own carpets at home easy and convenient.

In this blog post we’re answering a popular question, what carpet shampoo can you use in a Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine? As well as giving advice on dilution rates and top carpet cleaning tips so that you can clean your own carpets with cost-effective, safe & professional solutions.


Which Carpet Shampoo is Safe to use in a Rug Doctor Carpet Machine or Spot Cleaner?

All of our carpet cleaning shampoos are safe to use in any carpet cleaning machine, including Rug Doctors machines.

This brand of machine is available to hire or purchase, for convenient at home carpet cleaning. They’re a popular brand along with Bissell, Vax & Henry.

Using a machine to clean your carpets is the best way to achieve professional standard results, without costing a fortune. Whether you’re hiring the machine for a one off clean, or investing in purchasing the machine to have it on hand whenever you need it, Rug Doctor are a great option to consider for your purchase.

We’re often asked about cost-effective, safe yet effective alternative carpet shampoos to use in Rug Doctor carpet cleaner machines. We’ve got you covered on this.
All of our carpet cleaning shampoos can be used safely in any Rug Doctor carpet shampooer machine. They are all non-caustic, low-foaming, safe to use even on delicate wool, and they achieve professional standard results.

Our formulas are highly concentrated, meaning you only need a small amount mixed with water to get the results you require.

Cleaning a carpeted 4 bedroom house using Dirtbusters Clean & Deodorise solution costs on average £1.44. The most cost-effective way of cleaning your home carpets. Compared to Rug Doctors Cleaning Shampoos at £16.99 for 4 rooms, that’s quite the saving!

All you need to do is follow the correct dilution rate we provide on the back of our bottles, or in any product description on our website, and you’re good to go.

You might also want to check out our carpet cleaning do’s and don’ts for more carpet cleaning info here.


Which of Dirtbusters Carpet Cleaning Shampoo Solutions is Best to use in a Rug Doctor Machine?

The carpet shampoo you choose to use depends on the reason for cleaning.

All of our carpet shampoos can be used in any of Rug Doctors carpet cleaning machines, but here’s a few tips to make your choice easier:

-For general carpet cleaning try one of our Clean & Deodorise shampoos – these are available in 4 different fragrances.

-If you have pets try our Pet Carpet Cleaner or Pet Pro Carpet Shampoo

-If you have bad odours such as urine & vomit try our Odour & Urine Neutraliser – available in 1Litre or 5Litre

-To add a protective treatment onto the carpet pile to protect against stains and dirt, use Clean & Protect

All of our carpet shampoos are safe to use on any carpet type, from delicate wool to synthetic materials.

We always recommend using a Pre Spray before using your machine to shampoo and deep clean. Pre Sprays lift dirt and stains ready for easy extraction and make a big difference to the performance of cleaning. Try our Pre Spray No.1, which is suitable for all carpet types.


Carpet Shampoo Dilution Rates

Rug Doctor solutions have a low dilution rate, meaning you need a higher amount of solution compared to water.

Our carpet shampoos have a high dilution rate, which means only a small amount of our concentrated product is needed with water.

Our Carpet Shampoos have the following two dilution rates, the correct one should be chosen according to the machine you have:

For a Carpet cleaner machine with 1 tank: 

Machines with 1 tank for both water and carpet shampoo, use 10ml of Clean & Deodorise with every 1 Litre of clean, warm water.

For a Carpet cleaner machine with 2 tanks: 

Machines with separate tanks for clean water and cleaning solution, dilute Clean & Deodorise 50:50 in the solution tank e.g. fill up the tank halfway with water and the rest with Clean & Deodorise.


Top Carpet Cleaning Tips with your Rug Doctor Machine

Here’s a few of our top tips for carpet cleaning with best possible results:

  • Always follow our dilution rates, no more is needed!
  • Use a Pre Spray Solution to enhance cleaning performance. We have 3 different strengths depending on your carpet type and soiling severity.
  • Go over each area once, maximum twice to avoid over-wetting the carpet.
  • Use targeted stain removers to lift stains with ease.


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