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Dirtbusters Bio Bike Cleaning products are environmentally aware solutions for all bike lovers.

From bike frame cleaners, chain cleaners, kits & accessories, give your entire bike a full and professional clean with our range of bike products. They each have a low PH, do not contain any caustic chemicals, are biodegradable and safe for you and the earth. 

Whether you're a bike shop owner or an individual bike owner with a passion for cycling, mountain biking or your motorbike, take time out to enjoy cleaning and protecting your bike to maintain its brand new, shiny look with Dirtbusters bike cleaning products. 

Our products are available in 1 Litre, 5 Litre or 250ml bottles to suit your needs. 

Dirtbusters is an environmentally aware, family run business established in 1986. The family behind the business each have their own passions and hobbies, that's how Dirtbusters lifestyle products came about. Our team members are true believers and regular users of our lifestyle products and we believe that we have designed top performing but safe solutions. 

Our lifestyle products have been manufactured to protect your passions. We know how important your passions are, they are to us too. That's why we designed cleaning products to make those rare moments of escaping reality that little bit easier. 

With our bike cleaning products you'll be fresh and ready for best performance on your next ride. 

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