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Dirtbusters snow foams 5 litres

With Wax

We use the very best ingredients which encapsulate and emulsify deposits to clean and leave a beautiful gloss lustre.

Fantastic cherry candy fragrance, Non caustic.  

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Used every day by professional but can also be used in domestic carpet cleaning machines

Clean and deodorise and clean and protect

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Leather cleaner and conditioner with deodorising treatment

2 x 500ml

Both Dirtbusters leather cleaning products, leather cleaner and leather conditioner to fully clean and condition all leather.

Dirtbusters cleaning products are manufactured to give the best possible cleaning results but contain no harmful chemicals and are eco friendly. With Dirtbusters 3 in 1 leather cleaning solution you can deep clean leather to professional standards leaving it clean, neutralised and protected.

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Stove cleaner and black polish plus stove glass cleaning paste

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Dirtbusters produce professional standard eco friendly as possible cleaning products for the home as well as car valeting products and bike and motorcycle cleaning supplies.

We started out developing non caustic safe oven cleaning chemicals and low ph eco friendly carpet cleaning products. Over the years we have used our expertise and chemically engineered an ever expanding range of premium cleaning products.

Our range now encompasses oven cleaning, carpet cleaning, car, bike and motorbike cleaning products, leather cleaners, stove cleaners and general cleaning products for use throughout the home.

Dirtbusters products continually strive to improve existing products and launch new safe professional quality eco fiendly alternatives to existing brands.

General cleaning:- Dirtbusters eco have a cleaning product for any application throughout the home. Bathroom cleaners and descaler, kitchen and multi purpose cleaners, wood and laminate floor cleaners, descalers for kettles and coffee machines, glass cleaners and many more.

Oven cleaning:- The oven cleaning range encompasses trade items and ready to use versions for general home use. All oven cleaning chemicals are non classified, non caustic and have no fumes or odours and can safely be used in the home.

Carpet cleaning:- Our carpet cleaning range has all the products needed for professional carpet cleaning results and our products can be used for home extraction carpet cleaning machines like vax right up to top of the range professional machines. Our solutions are economical alternatives to high priced brands and also offer superior cleaning and deodorising properties. Also all extraction machine chemicals are neutral or low ph so are suitable for wool and natural fabrics.

Car cleaning:- We have a full range of eco friendly car valeting products from wash and wax with the highest grade carnauba wax, to state of the art waterless car wash and snow foam containing a gloss finish. Also in the range are alloy wheel cleaning products, glass cleaner and leather cleaner and conditioner and are continually developing new solutions for this market.

Bike & motorbike cleaning:- Our bio chemicals have been developed as powerful but safe eco bike and motorbike cleaners which along with our developed high pressure trigger spray heads allow for easy cleaning of the dirtiest bikes and motorbikes. We have also developed a waterless motorbike cleaner which cleans and polishes in one easy application and motorbike wash and wax products.

Leather cleaner & conditioner:- Our range of leather cleaner and conditioner cleans even the heaviest soiled leather and using our conditioner gives a deep conditioning treatment. Both our leather cleaner and the conditioner have the added benfit of deodorisers which neutralise odours during application.