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Dirtbusters Stove products include cleaners, glass pastes, and polishes to give your wood burning stove or fire surround a full and professional clean. Suitable for professional stove installers, professional cleaners or for non-professionals cleaning their own wood-burning stove at home. These products are environmentally aware & non-toxic so that you can give your wood-burning stove a professional clean without harming your skin or the stove. 

Dirtbusters Stove Glass Cleaner was developed only last year for professional stove glass cleaning applications and has since become one of the best selling stove glass cleaning product on Amazon and Ebay. Our stove pastes, polishes and cleaning solutions contain unique ingredients to give the very best treatment on your stove or fire surround. 

Our range of stove products has been continuously developed to now include stove polish and pastes. Use Dirtbusters Stove products to clean & protect your own or your customers stoves, quickly, easily and professionally.