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Stove Cleaning Care Kit

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Stove Cleaning Care Kit




Full stove cleaning kit for the internal glass, outside of the stove and polish to restore black stoves.

Stove Glass Cleaner (500g paste)

Stove Glass Cleaner professionally and safely cleans the glass on all stoves with its non-toxic, environmentally aware formula. The paste gets rid of all carbon and dirt to reveal a clear and streak-free clean glass. 

Citrus oils aid the easy removal of soot and ash so that you can buff the glass to a professional clean finish. Our paste is Amazon & Ebays best stove glass cleaner, it's trusted and loved by many to give a high performance on all stove glass. 


Apply the paste using a cloth or non-scratch pad in circular motions. Rinse clean with a damp cloth and buff dry with a dry cloth. 


Stove Cleaner

Dirtbusters Stove Cleaner is a non-toxic cleaning solution for the exterior of all wood-burning stoves and fire surrounds. With our stove cleaner, remove soot, ash, carbon and finger prints to maintain its cleanliness, or to prepare for polishing. 

It's as simple as spraying on the solution and wiping off to reveal a clean and dust free surface. 


For use on cold stoves only. Spray the stove and remove any dirt with a dry cloth. 


Stove & Grate Polish

Dirtbusters Black Stove & Grate Polish is the perfect polishing solution for use after cleaning your wood burning stove or fire surround. Our stove polish is designed for black stoves only to revive its colour, soft sheen and cover any marks or scratches. 

After Dirtbusters Stove polish has been applied to the stove exterior a hard, long-lasting coating is formed once the stove is hot. It will work to polish black stoves, grates or fire surrounds without any fumes, odours or toxic ingredients. 


First, thoroughly clean the stove exterior with Dirtbusters Stove Cleaner. Wearing gloves, apply the polish with a sponge or cloth. Wipe off any excess with a dry cloth. Apply a second layer of polish if required. Once heated under normal stove use, the protective coat will form.