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Clean and Protect (5 Litres)

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Clean and Protect Carpet Cleaning Solution (5 Litres)

Clean and Protect Carpet Cleaning Solution (2 X 5 Litres)

Clean and Protect Carpet Cleaning Solution (4 X 5 Litres)




Dirtbusters Clean & Protect is a professional, biodegradable 4in1 carpet cleaning solution. 

According to the carpet & rug institute: "The presence of optical brighteners in carpet cleaning products has been known to adversely affect long term appearance and may cause yellowing." That is why our carpet cleaning solutions do not contain such optical brighteners or phosphates. They are also biodegradable, low PH, environmentally aware products. Clean & Protect achieves professional results, whilst being safe for you, your carpet and the earth. 

The solution cleans, self neutralises, deodorises and leaves a light soil protection all in one application. 1 Litre will make 100 Litres of cleaning solution.

Dirtbusters carpet cleaning products have been manufactured by professionals for professional cleaners but also for non-professionals cleaning their own carpets. It's designed to be used in a hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine, professional machines, as well as domestic carpet cleaning machines. 

This product is suitable for all wet system carpet cleaning machines, including Vax. It works equally well in a small domestic machine as a top of the range professional carpet cleaning machine. 


For best results pre spray carpets or upholstery with a Dirtbusters Pre Spray and agitate. For extraction cleaning machines mix 10ml of Clean & Deodorise per litre of water (100:1) and rinse the area. 

Always pre-test carpet and upholstery with the diluted solution for signs of colour changes before use.