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Cherry Snow Foam With Premium Wax (5 litres)

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Cherry Snow Foam (5 Litres)

Cherry Snow Foam (2 X 5 Litres)




Dirtbusters Cherry Snow Foam completely covers the car exterior in thick foam, lifting dirt and grit away so that it can be easily rinsed clean. Snowfoam can be used on its own as a quick and easy clean, or it can be used as a pre wash before applying other cleaning products, such as Dirtbusters Wash & Wax

The solution contains a generous amount of wax to leave your car gleaming after application of cherry snow foam.

This product is to be used in a snow foam lance so that it can be sprayed onto the car with no fuss, scrubbed and then rinsed away. The solution does not contain any caustic chemicals and is completely safe for you and your car. 

Designed by professional cleaners for use by professional car cleaning companies or for general cleaning of your car at home. The 5 Litre bottle is brilliant for those looking to buy in bulk. 

Our lifestyle products have been manufactured to protect your passions. We know how important your passions are, they are to us too. That's why we designed cleaning products to make those rare moments of escaping reality that little bit easier. 


Apply Cherry Snow Foam with a suitable snow foam lance attachment. Dilute 50:50 with warm water, or use neat depending on the make of the snow foam lance. Leave to work for a few minutes (agitate if required) and rinse with fresh water.