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Clean & Deodorise - Spring Fresh (1 Litre)

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Spring Fresh Carpet Cleaning Solution (1 Litre)





Dirtbusters Clean & Deodorise is designed for extraction machine cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery. It is suitable for non-professional home cleaning of carpets as well as for professional carpet cleaning.

Our carpet cleaning solutions do not contain optical brighteners or phosphates and are safe and gentle on carpets. They are biodegradable and low PH whilst achieving professional results.

The formula self-neutralises so it is perfect for cleaning wool and stain resistant carpets as it will not strip out natural oils or protection treatments. Reactivating odour neutralisers and extra defoamers attack malodours and pet smells, leaving carpets spring fresh.

Clean & Deodorise is trusted by professionals around the UK and is a popular product for domestic, non-professional use too. The 3-in-1 formula cleans, stain removes and odour neutralises with a dilution rate of 1 Litre per 100 Litres of cleaning solution.

This product is suitable for all wet system carpet cleaning machines, including Vax. It works equally well in a small domestic machine as a top of the range professional carpet cleaning machine.


For best results pre spray carpets or upholstery with a Dirtbusters Pre Spray and agitate. For extraction machines with just one tank for the solution and water, dilute Dirtbusters alternative to vax solution 100:1. That's just 10ml of cleaning solution per Litre of water. For extraction machines with separate tanks for water and solution, dilute Dirtbusters alternative to vax solutions 50:50. 

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