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Coco Loco Wetsuit Cleaner with Eucalyptus (250ml)

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Coco Loco Wetsuit cleaner with eucalyptus 250ml

Coco Loco Wetsuit cleaner with eucalyptus 2 x 250ml

Coco Loco Wetsuit cleaner with eucalyptus 3 x 250ml




Coco Loco Wetsuit cleaner is a neutral cleaner with eucalyptus deodoriser specially developed to clean & deodorise wetsuits in one application.

The deodoriser treats unwanted smells, whilst regular cleaning prolongs the life of the wetsuit as it works to remove salt, chlorine and organic residues.

A safer, yet effective professional solution for all ocean lovers. 


Simply add 50ml of Wetsuit Cleaner to a bucket of water and submerge the wetsuit for 5 minutes. Leave to drip dry (rinsing is optional). The solution can be applied in stronger dilutions for bad odours or directly onto problem areas.


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