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Bio Multi-Clean General Purpose Cleaner 5 litres

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Bio Multi Clean General Purpose Cleaner (5 Litres)




Dirtbusters Bio Multi Clean is a professional standard, multi-surface cleaner. The solution contains microbes to break down dirt and deposits for easy cleaning. The neutral PH formula does not contain any caustic chemicals, odours or solvents, is bio degradable and environmentally friendly. 

It can be used on just about any surface for various purposes. It is especially effective on floors, walls, kitchens and bathrooms. The 5L bottle contains a concentrated formula that should be diluted with warm water. 

(Not suitable for non washable surfaces .e.g. oiled, waxed or untreated wood). 


For general light applications mix Bio Multi Clean with warm water, 50ml to 100ml per Litre. For heavy soiling, mix with warm water at 200ml per Litre. Apply the solution by spray, mop or cloth and clean the area. 


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