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Stove Cleaning Care Kit

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Stove Cleaning Care Kit




Dirtbusters Stove Care Kit contains all of our Stove Products to fully clean, protect and restore wood burning stoves. These products are used and trusted by professionals to give a perfectly clean finish and protection on wood burners after installation, as well as for the regular maintenance of stoves.

Our Stove Products are Amazon’s Choice and best sellers, each with top star ratings and reviews. We have designed our products to give professional results without compromising on safer solutions.

Stove Care Kit comes in a lovely printed, recycled box making it a great gift for yourself or a loved one.



Stove Glass Cleaner is designed to professionally and safely clean the interior glass on all stoves with its abrasive but non-scratching formula. The paste gets rid of all carbon and dirt to reveal a clear, streak-free finish.


Dirtbusters Stove Cleaner is a non-toxic cleaning solution for the exterior of all wood-burning stoves and fire surrounds. With our Stove Cleaner, soot, ash, carbon and fingerprints can be easily removed to help maintain cleanliness and to prepare for the application of Stove Polish on black stoves.


Dirtbusters Stove Polish is the perfect polishing solution for use after cleaning a black wood burning stove or fire surround. Our Stove Polish is formulated for black stoves only, to revive the black soft sheen and cover any marks or scratches.

After application and when the stove is heated under normal use, Stove Polish creates a protective hard coating.



First, clean the interior glass with Stove Glass Cleaner in circular motions using a cloth or non-scratch pad. Rinse clean with a damp cloth and buff dry with a dry cloth. Next, thoroughly clean the stove exterior with Stove Cleaner. Spray onto the stove exterior and remove dirt with a dry cloth. Finally, wearing gloves to avoid staining on skin, apply Stove Polish with a sponge or cloth. Wipe off any excess with a dry cloth. Apply a second layer of polish if required. Once heated under normal stove use, the protective coating will form.

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