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Stove Polish (250ml) & Stove Cleaner (750ml)

Price Ea.

Stove Cleaner (750ml) + Stove & Grate Polish (250ml)




Professionally clean and restore the exterior of any black stove with the combination of Dirtbusters Stove Cleaner and Stove & Grate Polish. Our stove products are used and trusted by professionals as well as non-professionals cleaning their own stoves at home. We have designed these products to give top results without compromising on a safer solution. Stove Polish and Stove Cleaner compliment one another so that stove exterior is left perfectly clean, polished and protected.


Stove Cleaner

Dirtbusters Stove Cleaner removes soot, ash, finger marks, and general dust from stove exterior and fire surrounds. It is a fume and odour free solution with powerful cleaning properties, which makes it a perfect product to use before applying Stove Polish.


For use on cold stoves only. Spray the stove and remove any dirt with a dry cloth.


Stove Polish

Dirtbusters Black Stove & Grate Polish is a fume free, non-toxic, non-smoking polish for all black stoves. It restores the velvety soft black sheen to black stoves, removing rust and discolouration patches.

Stove Polish forms a hard, protective, long-lasting coating once heated under normal use. This protects and prolongs that perfect black finish to keep the stove exterior looking like new. The 250ml bottle lasts up to 4 times longer than similar products due to its highly concentrated, powerful yet safer formulation. This polish will achieve a professional standard finish quickly and easily.


Gloves should be worn when applying Stove Polish to avoid staining on skin. After cleaning the stove exterior with Stove Cleaner, apply Stove Polish using a cloth or sponge. Wipe off any excess with a dry cloth. Apply a second layer of polish if required to remove tough rust and discolouration. Once heated under normal stove use, the protective coat will form.


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