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Bio Bike Cleaner - Blackberry (5 Litres)

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Blackberry Bio Bike Cleaner (5 Litre)

Blackberry Bio Bike Cleaner (2 x 5 Litre)




Blackberry Bio Bike Cleaner is designed to remove dirt, mud, grease, oil and general grime from bicycle and motorbike frames safely yet effectively. Cleaning your bike is easy and fuss free with this biodegradable solution, giving you more time on your bike and less time cleaning it. 

This product is suitable for all Motorcycle and bicycle frames, it has a low PH formula that gently lifts dirt from the surface once applied. Spray on, agitate if required, and rinse off to a clean and shiny finish. 


Wet your bike frame down. Apply the Bio Bike Cleaner and leave for 3 minutes. Agitate stubborn areas with a soft brush then rinse away using clean, fresh water. Buff the frame clean with a dry cloth for a sparkling finish.

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