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Leather Cleaner - Lavender (500ml)

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Leather Cleaner with Lavender Oil (500ml)




Dirtbusters Leather Cleaner with Lavender Oil is designed to safely clean & deodorise sealed leather. Lavender oils within our formulation not only provide a fresh floral scent, but they have anti-mould, mildew and deodorising properties, ensuring that leather is left beautifully clean, protected and lavender scented.

This 3-in-1 non-toxic leather cleaning solution contains neutral chemicals as well as deodorisers to achieve a professional clean finish. Perfect for general, regular cleaning of leather items or as part of a deep clean when used with Lavender Leather Conditioner and Lavender Leather Balm.


Apply Dirtbusters Leather Cleaner using the trigger spray. Wipe over the surface with a dry cloth in circular motions. Use Leather Cleaner as often as needed to maintain cleanliness.


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