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Bio Oven Cleaner (750ml)

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Bio Oven Cleaner (750ml)

Bio Oven Cleaner (2x 750ml)

Bio Oven Cleaner (3 x 750ml)




Bio oven cleaner is a safe yet effective way to clean ovens. Originally developed for professional use, it cleans without fumes or odours and is safe on the skin. The non-caustic formula contains microbes that soften carbon for easy removal without the use of harsh toxic and caustic ingredients. 

Our Bio Oven Cleaner is also brilliant for the removal of burnt on food from pots and pans. It cuts through carbon, releasing it to make cleaning it off so much easier. 

The product can be used in the oven, on hobs and extractors and is also safe for boat waste water tanks if using on a boat. Also available in 5L concentrate for those looking to buy in bulk. 

TIP TO CLEAN LIKE A PRO: Use Bio Oven Cleaner with our specially developed oven cleaning paste for a complete oven clean. 


Bio Oven Cleaner is best used on a warm oven. Turn nozzle to on position. Spray the oven cleaner onto the area to be cleaned then clean the section using a scourer (preferably stainless steel scourer). Rinse area with a cloth and fresh, clean water. When using on the outside of the oven, spray on the area to be cleaned. Use a microfibre cloth or non-scratch pad on sensitive areas.
Always pre-test sensitive areas, especially stainless steel, before using.

Are you a professional oven cleaner? See our full professional range and prices over on our trade website.

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