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Super Cera Carnauba T1 Car Wax

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Super Cera Finest Premium Hybrid Car Wax (150g)


Super Cera Finest Hybrid Car Wax by Dirtbusters

Super Cera - where old meets new. The finest blend of traditional carnauba T1 (premium grade carnauba) and modern synthetic hard waxes, polymers and other ingredients. Brazilian carnauba T1 is widely considered the best wax in the world for the deepest wet look gloss shine, and in combination with synthetic hard waxes, which withstand high temperatures and the elements, protects your cars paintwork and maintains the shine for up to 6 months. The hard waxes help the product to create a strong bond and form a paint protecting treatment. This causes rain and water droplets to form high beading, which runs off the surface. 

Super Cera is one of the finest waxes available on the market and was developed for the finest quality paintwork to achieve a concourse premium finish expected by professional detailers and car enthusiasts alike. After extensive testing and development we believe our wax performs as well if not better than other premium waxes costing in excess of £100. The deep shine and long lasting performance make our wax fantastic value. 

The wax has a beautiful coconut fragrance and will leave your car gleaming and smelling fantastic for days.

Ease of use: The beauty of our formulation is that it is easy to apply and remove and polishes to a high shine with ease unlike many synthetic hard waxes. Only a small amount is needed at a time for full coverage and is easily applied. Each 150g tin will last multiple applications as a little goes a long way.


Apply by sponge or cloth, leave to work & dry for 10 minutes before polishing with a dry cloth. For the deepest shine and maximum protection, apply two coats. 


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