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Super Cera Waterless Car Wash & Wax (500ml)

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Super Cera Waterless Car Wash & Wax (500ml)
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Super Cera Waterless Wash & Wax (3x500ml)




Super Cera Waterless Wash & Wax is a premium, easy car cleaning solution designed for use on high end cars. Blended with Carnauba wax and a coconut fragrance, for top valeting results. 

There’s no need for lots of equipment with Super Cera Waterless. Simply use a cloth and the solution itself for a quick clean. It’s the perfect top up for on the go cleaning before a car event or whilst travelling. Minimal equipment with professional results.

TIP TO CLEAN LIKE A PRO: Super Cera Waterless is predominantly for car exterior, but it also doubles up as a polish for car interior. 


Pre wet a microfibre cloth with Super Cera Waterless solution. Spray the product onto the area to be cleaned. Wipe with the pre wetted cloth to remove soiling and quickly buff with a dry microfibre cloth to achieve a highly polished and protected finish. Replace cloths if they become heavily soiled. 

Can be used in sunlight, but for best results use out of direct light.

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