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Dirtbusters carpet spot and stain removal kit

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Dirtbusters carpet spot and stain removal kit



Be prepared for any stain on all carpets and fabrics with this Spot and Stain Removal Kit. The kit contains Stain Remover, Tea & Coffee, Red Wine & Red and Grease Gum & Oil stain removers, providing a solution to tackling the variety of household stains.

Our stain removal products are gentle on carpets and safe for you and the home whilst achieving professional, clean results.

Each product has been designed for a specific stain, with specialised chemical components to lift each colour and odour, so that all stains and dirt can be removed to a professional standard.

TIP FOR CLEANING LIKE A PRO: When removing stains and dirt from carpets, never over wet the area or over apply the product. Applying more product than needed or over-wetting carpet can set the stain into the carpet further. If the stain has been on the carpet for a long time, repeating the process might be necessary, but only once the carpet is dry again.


Follow the instructions for each stain remover as described on the back of each product.

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