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Toilet Cleaner and Macerator Saniflo Descaler Berry Fresh (5 litres)

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Toilet Cleaner & Macerator Descaler Berry Fresh (5 Litre)

Toilet Cleaner & Macerator Descaler Berry Fresh (2 x 5 Litre)




Berry Toilet Cleaner and Macerator descaler is designed for general toilet cleaning and descaling. It is safe for macerators, septic tanks and cesspits due to the phosphoric acid based formula. 

Clean toilet bowls with the fresh berry solution, or use as a treatment to descale the toilet bowl and/or macerator system. This product is safe, biodegradable and achieves professional results. 

Using a non-bleach formula on Macerators, cesspits and septic tanks is important to protect the system. Bleach can damage seals, it is therefore important not to use bleach based formulas. We do not use bleach in our toilet cleaners and descalers for this very reason.


For general toilet cleaning, squirt the solution around the toilet bowl. For macerator descaling, disconnect the macerator unit from the electric supply. Pour 1-2.5 Litres into the toilet bowl. Turn on the pump again for a few seconds to allow the descaler to enter macerator. Turn off the unit again and leave to work for 2 hours. Re-connect the power supply and flush toilet to rinse. For hard water areas use every month. For soft water areas, use every three months. 

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