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Foaming Bike Cleaner (1 Litre)

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Dirtbusters Foaming Bike Cleaner (1 Litre)




Dirtbusters Foaming Bike Cleaner is an environmentally aware solution designed for cleaning your bike frame. We've made this bike spray with foaming agents to give extra dwell time, making all dirt and grease easy to remove. A foaming spray head is included to give you maximum foam. Cleaning your bike frame can be an easy and fun part of your bikes regular maintenance with Dirtbusters Foaming Bike Cleaner. The safe yet effective formula allows you to quickly clean your bike to a professional standard, so that you can get back on your bike for another ride.

Whether your bike is for cycling to work, road cycling, mountain biking or a family bike ride, washing your bike with a bike cleaning solution should be part of its regular maintenance. This will prolong its life and keep it looking fresh and clean. We recommend you clean your bike every few cycles, removing dirt, grit, grease, oil and other organic matter to give you a smooth ride next time you're out. 


Spray the foaming bike cleaner on to the frame and parts. Leave for a few minutes before rinsing off with fresh water with a hose or sponge. For heavy soiling, agitate with a brush before rinsing. Dry with a microfibre cloth for a perfect finish. 

Dirtbusters Foaming Bike Cleaner is also available in 5 Litre bottles if you are looking to buy in bulk. 

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