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Foaming Bike Cleaner (5 Litre + 1 Litre)

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Dirtbusters Foaming Bike Cleaner (1 Litre + 5 Litre)




Dirtbusters Foaming Bike Cleaner is a solution designed to remove dirt, mud, grease and grime from bicycle frames. The foaming solution gives added dwell time to make this an effective but safe product for your bike. 

Have a clean bike for your next ride with our bicycle wash. It comes with an easy to use foaming spray head to give you maximum foam. Use the 5 Litre bottle to refill the 1 Litre for ease of use. This option is a cost effective way to clean your bike to a professional standard. 

Mountain, road, hybrid or any other type of bicycle will benefit from a good clean, especially if you ride frequently. Make cleaning your bike that bit easier with Dirtbusters Foaming Bike Cleaner 5 Litre and 1 Litre, so that you can spend less time cleaning and more time cycling. 


Spray the foaming bike cleaner on to the frame and parts. Leave for a few minutes before rinsing off with fresh water with a hose or sponge. For heavy soiling, agitate with a brush before rinsing. Dry with a microfibre cloth for a perfect finish. 

If you're after a complete clean, including cleaning and degreasing your chain, why not try one of our bike cleaning kits


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