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Electric Hob Polish

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Dirtbusters Electric Hob Polish 250ml
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Dirtbusters Electric Hob Polish 2 x 250ml
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Dirtbusters Electric Hob Polish 3 x 250ml
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Dirtbusters Hob Polish is a thick black paste that restores Electric Hob Plates. Remove rust and revive the original black finish to electric hobs, making them look brand new.

Electric Hob plates quickly wear down through daily use. Rust spots appear and the black finish fades. Cleaning the hob and then applying Electric Hob Polish will complete electric hob cleans.

Our unique transformative product forms a protective coating once heated under normal use. This makes the black polish finish long lasting. Our polish is non-caustic, no harmful fumes, odours or smoke come from our product, making it safe for use in the home.

Once the polished hob plate is heated, it will form a coating and will be ready for normal cooking use. We do recommend wearing gloves whilst applying Hob Polish to avoid any staining to hands.


Apply a small amount to a cloth and apply directly onto the electric hob plate working in circular motions from the inside out. Remove any polish that has made contact with the rest of the hob surface with a damp cloth. Turn the hob plate on to set the polish.

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