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Pet Odour Artificial Grass Cleaner

Price Ea.

Pet Odour Artificial Grass Cleaner 1 x 5Litre

Pet Odour Artificial Grass Cleaner 2 x 5Litre



This version of Artificial Grass Cleaner is designed to treat pet odours. The reactivating odour treatment tackles pet smells such as urine and faeces, whilst cleaning artificial grass, leaving a lovely clean and fresh finish.

With all the benefits of our original Artificial Grass Cleaner, such as cleaning, stain removing and sanitising. As well as treating moss, mould and mildew and helping to prevent regrowth. Pet Odour specific Artificial Grass Cleaner also has the added benefits of targeting pet odours, making this a suitable option for those with artificial grass and loving pets too.

This pet friendly formula can be used as often as required to keep artificial grass clean and odour free. It is a concentrated solution, with the 5 Litres creating 15 Litres altogether once diluted. A long lasting, professional, safe product to keep artificial grass in its best condition.

Safe for pets and children once dry.


Apply with a pump spray or watering can. Dilute 2 parts water to 1-part Pet Odour Artificial Grass Cleaner. Agitate with a hard brush in heavily soiled areas where necessary. Leave for 15-20 minutes to soak before rinsing. 

For heavily soiled areas or bad odour problems the product can be used neat.

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