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Dirtbusters Car Seat Leather Balm

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Dirtbusters Car Seat Leather Balm
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Dirtbusters eco leather balm 50g

Car Leather Balm

(sandalwood fragrance)


Treatment for leather car seats and trim.

Dirtbusters leather balm treatment cleans, deep conditions and protects helping to waterproof all in one treatment.

Leather balm contains natural waxes, oils and ingredients to deep condition, shine and protect, restoring new and old leather. It feeds and nourishes to keep leather supple and soft leaving it smelling of fresh sandalwood.

The waxes help to waterproof leather which is ideal for car seats and trim.

It buffs to a mid sheen leaving seats and trim protected and enhances natural colour.


Leather balm is a soft wax treatment that is easy to apply. A little goes a long way so small amounts are applied by cloth or sponge, leave for a few minutes to be absorbed then buff to a shine with a fresh cloth.

(for heavy soiling and deep cleaning of leather use Dirtbusters leather cleaner with deodoriser or leather aroma before applying leather balm)

Not for use on Suede, Nubuck or Aniline leather. Test on concealed area for colour change and darkening if in any doubt.

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