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Dirtbusters Car Wax 180g

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Dirtbusters car wax 180g



Dirtbusters Car Wax contains Brazilian Carnauba T1 wax, a top-grade wax designed to protect and create a super shine on car exterior.

The beauty of this wax is that it maintains shine and protection for up to 6 months. Meaning that you can wash your car with a standard, gentle car cleaning product such as Waterless Wash & Wax and still maintain that shine.

This wax creates water beading so that water doesn’t leave streaks and dull that deep shine. Build up the wax for detailing and premium valeting.


Apply with a sponge or cloth, leave to work & dry for 10 minutes before polishing with a dry cloth. For the deepest shine and maximum protection, apply two coats.

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