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Odour & Urine Neutraliser (1 Litre)

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Odour and Urine Neutraliser (1 Litre)




Dirtbusters Odour & Urine Neutraliser is a professional, environmentally aware cleaning product for the removal of odours on carpets, upholstery and hard surfaces. The solution has been manufactured by professionals for professionals in the cleaning industry and individuals in the domestic market alike. It can be used in carpet extraction machines for added dedorising and neutralising during the cleaning process, or it can be sprayed directly onto the odour for concentrated action. 

Odour & Urine Neutraliser is a powerful reactivating, enzymatic treatment for malodours such as urine, milk and pets smells. 

Dirtbusters products are environmentally aware, biodegradable solutions that are safe for you, your carpets and the earth. 


For difficult odours, spray the solution onto the odour patch with a dilution of 5:1 (100ml of concentrate to 500ml water). Apply to the affected area and allow to soak into the same depth as the odour contamination. Extract with fresh water. Alternatively spray the solution and leave for 1-2 hours for very bad odours. For general deodorising in carpet extraction machines, dilute 100:1 (100ml of solution to 10Litres of water). 
(Always pre-test carpets for any changes before use). 

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