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Multi Floor Cleaning Solution for all Machines compatible with vax one pwr 5 litres

Price Ea.

Multi Floor Cleaning Solution

Sea Breeze Fragrance

Multi Floor Cleaning Solution is suitable for all multi floor cleaning machines and carpet spot machines. It cleans, deodorises and sanitises in one solution, leaving a fresh sea breeze fragrance. 

Cleaning tiles, sealed wood, laminate, and lino as well as carpet spot cleaning in a multi floor spot cleaner. A versatile safe solution for floors throughout the home. 

For the perfect clean finish, use at the dilution rate of the multi floor machine manufacturer guidance. 


For Vax One Pwr and Bissell Crosswave, use at the same dilution as the machine manufacturer dilutions. For other machines, use at a mix of 1 part chemical to 5 parts water.

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