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Ph Neutral Orange Snow Foam 5Litres

Price Ea.

PH Neutral Orange Snow Foam 5Litres

PH Neutral Orange Snow Foam 5Litres x2

Orange Ph Neutral Snow Foam


This snow foam contains the very best ingredients, which encapsulate and emulsify deposits to clean and leave a beautiful base for waxing and polishing. Orange PH Snow Foam is a premium snow foam that will remove protective coats and finishes despite being a neutral PH.

Neutral PH Snow Foams are designed to clean without stripping existing wax or coatings already on the car. So you can clean without getting rid of that professional wax shine. 


To be used with snow foam lance attachment. Spray on to the vehicle and leave for 5 minutes. Agitate if needed with car brush and rinse clean with fresh water.

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