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Organic All In One Caravan Motorhome Toilet Chemicals 2 Litres

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Dirtbusters organic caravan toilet chemicals 2 litre

Dirtbusters organic all in one caravan and motorhome toilet fluid chemical and rinse solution Formaldehyde Free 2 litres



  • Natural all in one action caravan and motorhome toilet waste tank solution fluid and rinse solution
  • Breaks down solids for easy removal and neutralises odours.
  • 2 litre container lasts up to 20 treatments
  • High dilution rate of 60ml per 10 litres of waste capacity.
  • Formaldeyhde Free formula safe for all caravan, motorhome and porta potty portaloo toilet waste tanks.

Dirtbusters organic caravan and motorhome all in one toilet fluid and rinse. As a waste tank solution it naturally breaks down waste and neutralises odours. The formulation breaks down solids for easy emptying and maintains a clean odour free waste tank. Use the solution every 4 to 5 days for optimum waste tank efficiency. Suitable for all caravan, motorhome and pota potty toilets. Use 60ml per 10 litres of waste tank capacity and add 3 litres of fresh water to cover solid waste. Use the solution every 4 to 5 days for maximum performance and odour treatment. As a toilet rinse for caravans and motorhomes it naturally cleans and neutralises odours from chemical toilets. Lines the toilet bowl for easier cleaning and odour deodorising. Concentrated formula mix 30ml to 10 litres of water

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