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Waterless Motorbike Cleaning Kit
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Dirtbusters Motorbike Cleaning Kit includes:

- Motorbike Wash & Wax (5 Litres)

- Bio Blast Alloy Wheel Cleaner (500ml)

- Waterless Motorbike Cleaner (500ml)

- Eco Chain Degreaser (250ml)

- 2 x Microfibre Cloths 



Dirtbusters Motorbike Wash & Wax contains high quality carnauba wax and is designed to safely remove mud, grease, oil and dirt from motorbike exterior. It leaves a professional wax finish, a water beading treatment and a streak-free shine. 

The non-toxic formula is great for professional and non-professional use alike. Whether you're valeting, detailing or giving your motorbike a quick clean, Motorbike Wash & Wax leaves motorbikes looking professionally cleaned. 

Only two capfuls of solution are required to wash & wax your motorbike due to its highly concentrated formula (200:1). 

Safe on all paint finishes, on glass and alloy wheels. 


Suitable for manual or mechanical cleaning. Add 2 capfuls of solution to a bucket of warm water. Apply using a sponge or microfibre cloth. Rinse with fresh water and use a chamois leather or microfibre cloth to remove excess water. Buff to a gleaming finish with a dry polishing cloth. 



Dirtbusters Bio Blast Alloy Wheel Cleaner contains microbes that remove dirt deposits and brake dust for a professional and easy clean of motorbike alloy wheels. The solution is acid-free and safe for all alloy and painted alloy wheels. 

The 500ml trigger spray is perfect for blasting muck away to leave a clean, professional valet finish. 


Spray Bio Blast onto the wheel. Agitate and rinse with fresh water for a professional finish. 



Dirtbusters Bike Chain Cleaner & Degreaser is a non-toxic, environmentally aware chain cleaning solution for bikes & motorbikes. Our Bike Chain Cleaner has been formulated without any harmful solvents and is Eco friendly and biodegradable. 

Revive your motorbike chain with this solution to complete a full bike clean. 


Apply to chain and soak for 5 minutes before removing with a dry cloth. Can also be used in a chain cleaning machine. 



Our Motorcycle Waterless Wash & Wax safely & effectively removes mud, grease, oil & dirt with little fuss and equipment. High grade polymers lift dirt deposits, making them easy to wipe away so that you have a completely clean motorbike. 

Give your motorbike a wash & wax in just 10 minutes thanks to this easy to use Waterless Wash & Wax solution. Perfect for quick cleaning to top up that shine and perfection inbetween deeper cleans.  

It is safe to use on all paint finishes including glass and chrome.


Wet a microfibre cloth with the solution and spray Waterless Wash & Wax on the area to be cleaned. Wipe with the pre-wetted cloth to remove soiling. Using a dry cloth, buff the area to achieve a highly polished and protected finish.


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