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Oven Cleaning Kit 1

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Oven Cleaning Kit 1




Bio Oven Cleaning Kit 1 Contains:

1 x 750ml Bio Oven Cleaner

1 x Scraper

5 x Blades

1 x Stainless Steel Scourer

Dirtbusters Bio Oven Cleaner paired with a blade and scraper easily removes layers of burnt on carbon and dirt from the inside and outside of any oven. The stainless steel scourer is perfect for the safe removal of carbon on stainless steel.

Oven Cleaning Kit 1 is suitable for all domestic oven cleaning. The accessories provided allow for a deeper clean than with usual kitchen cleaning accessories. Following our instructions and using this kit, you can clean your oven like a professional.

TIP TO CLEAN LIKE A PRO: Heat the oven to 80 degrees and then turn off before cleaning. This warms and softens the carbon to make it easier to remove. For a full guide on how to clean your oven like a pro, read our blog post here


Bio Oven Cleaner is a biodegradable formula for tackling carbon, grease and grime in your oven. It is non-caustic and fume free, making it safe for you and your home. The solution can be used on the inside and outside of the oven with the products provided, to give a professional clean.


Using the blade and scraper method along with Dirtbusters Bio Oven Cleaner allows for the easy removal of burnt on carbon from the inside of any oven. The blade should be inserted into the scraper safely before use. This is a tool originally designed for professionals, but can be used safely by non-professionals cleaning their oven at home by following the instructions provided.


A Stainless Steel Scourer is a safe way of removing carbon, grease and dirt from the inside of the oven. It should not be used on stainless steel or enamel outside of the oven. 


Bio Oven Cleaner is best used on a warm oven. Spray the oven cleaner onto the area to be cleaned, then clean the section using the stainless steel scourer provided or the blade and scraper method (on the inside of the oven only). To use the blade and scraper method, place the scraper flat onto the surface of the inside of the oven and move up and down without lifting the scraper from the surface. This enables safe cleaning without scratches.
Afterwards, rinse area with a cloth and fresh, clean water. When using outside of the oven, spray on the area to be cleaned. Use a microfibre cloth or non-scratch pad on sensitive areas. Always pre-test sensitive areas, especially stainless steel, before using. 

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