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  Free Next Working Day Delivery to Mainland UK 
(order before 2pm, must be over 4kg)

Dirtbusters Carpet Pre Spray No.1 (5 Litres)

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Pre Spray Number 1 (5 Litres)




Dirtbusters Pre Spray No.1 is a neutral PH (6.8), detergent free carpet cleaning solution designed to release dirt and stains from carpets, rugs and upholstery. This product is suitable for non-professionals as well as professional carpet cleaning. It’s safe for use on all carpets and fabrics, even the most delicate.

The micro-splitting properties in Pre-Spray No.1 help to release dirt and stains from carpets and fabrics making cleaning with an extraction machine afterwards much easier. With Pre-Spray No.1 professional clean results can be achieved with safe solutions at home.

TIP FOR CLEANING LIKE A PRO: This product can be used prior to a carpet cleaning solution, such as with any of Dirtbusters Extraction Machine Chemicals for a full, easy clean, as well as on its own to clean away light soiling. 


For general cleaning dilute at 25ml per 1 Litre of water. For heavy soiling, dilute at 50ml per 1 Litre. Apply by pump or sprayer to the carpet, rug or upholstery and agitate straight away with a carpet brush, mechanical agitator or cloth. For wool carpets and natural fibres, extract with Dirtbusters Citrus Rinse. Synthetic carpets can be rinsed with Dirtbusters Clean & Deodorise or Clean & Protect solutions. 

Always pre-test in an inconspicuous area for any change before use.

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