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Cherry Snow Foam With Premium Wax (5 litres)

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Cherry Snow Foam (5 Litres)

Cherry Snow Foam (2 X 5 Litres)




Cherry Snow Foam covers car exterior in foam, lifting dirt and grit away so that it can be easily rinsed clean. Snow Foam can be used on its own as a quick and easy clean, or as a prewash before applying other cleaning products, such as Dirtbusters Wash & Wax.

This solution contains a generous amount of wax to leave car exterior gleaming after application of Cherry Snow Foam. It is non-toxic and safe on all car body work and alloy wheels.

Using a Snow Foam is particularly useful in the winter months when standing outside in the cold washing a car is much less inviting! Applying a Snow Foam before Wash & Wax helps to lift stubborn dirt, making the next step of washing and waxing a lot quicker and easier.

TIP TO CLEAN LIKE A PRO: Follow with Dirtbusters Wash & Wax for a thorough clean.


Apply Cherry Snow Foam with a suitable snow foam lance attachment. Dilute 50:50 with warm water, or use neat depending on the make of the snow foam lance. Leave to work for a few minutes (agitate if required) and rinse with fresh water.

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