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Professional Carpet Cleaning Machine Defoamer (5 Litres)

Price Ea.

Defoamer (5 Litres)




Dirtbusters Defoamer is a highly concentrated product for professional carpet cleaning machine recovery tanks. Defoamer is used to stop damage to Vac motors caused by foam build up. 

Foam can quickly damage Vac motors, which can be costly to replace. Regular use of Dirtbusers defoamer will stop any foam build up and remove risk of motor damage, prologing the life of your carpet cleaning machine. 

Dirtbusters Defoamer has been manufactured by professionals for professionals. 


Add one capful of Defoamer per 10 Litres of waste tank capacity (e.g. 50Litre capacity add 5 capfuls). Add to the recovery tank - do not add to cleaning solution or cleaning solution tank. Alternatively, one capful of Defoamer can be sucked through the Vac hose to line it for carpets with a heavy foam build up. 

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