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Motorhome and Caravan Wash & Wax With Carnauba (5 Litres)

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Motorhome & Caravan Wash and Wax (5 Litres)

Motorhome & Caravan Wash and Wax (2 x 5 Litres)




Dirtbusters Motorhome and Caravan Wash & Wax with Carnauba is a professional cleaning product manufactured for professionals and the domestic industry alike. The solution helps to remove black streaking and contains extra rinse aids to quickly dry and leave a streak free, gleaming finish.

This is a premium Motorhome and Caravan cleaning product containing the best quality carnauba wax. It is engineered to safely but effectively remove dirt, mud, grease and oil deposits and leave a premium carnauba wax finish during the cleaning process. 

Carnauba wax forms a water beading treatment and barrier on paintwork to protect it after application. Our wash & wax has a very high concentrate at 200 to 1 - only two capfuls per bucket of warm water is required for effective washing and waxing. 5 litres makes up to 1000 litres of cleaning solution. 

This product is safe on all paint finishes, glass, alloy wheels and chrome.


Suitable for manual or mechanical cleaning. Add 2 capfuls per bucket of warm water. Apply the solution using a sponge or microfiber cloth. Rinse with fresh water and use a chamois leather or microfiber cloth to remove excess water. Buff to a gleaming finish with a dry polishing cloth, such as a microfibre.

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