How to clean artificial grass - Remove pet mess, odour & other mess -

From time to time we can find our artificial grass not looking (or smelling) as clean & fresh as when we had it first installed. Although having artificial grass requires less maintenance than mowing & growing the perfect lawn, it will require a cleaning, especially if you have pets!

Below we are going to go through how to maintain your fake grass, keeping it clean & odour free! We will cover:

  1. Tools you need 
  2. How to clean artificial grass & maintain lightly soiled fake grass
  3. How to use cleaning solution for a deep clean, to remove pet urine, mess, odour, marks & spillages
  4. Cleaning small spillages & soiling's
  5. How often to clean
  6. Do's & Don'ts

Tools & supplies you need to clean your artificial grass

How to Clean Artificial Grass


Regularly checking your synthetic grass and removing any debris is key to keeping your lawn in great shape.
A stiff broom or garden vacuum can help clear debris, and a blast with the hose can remove stubborn dirt. Regularly including this in your weekly or bi-weekly household cleaning will help you maintain a cleaner lawn between deeper cleans.
Depending on how often you or your pets use your outdoor area with the fake lawn, it will eventually require a deeper clean. Build-up of dirt & organic debris from the winter months, soiling from a pet, unwanted odours or spillages from a summer party will require a bit more than brush and a hose down to restore back to a clean lawn again.
For a deeper artificial clean we recommend one of our artificial grass cleaner solutions. They are simple and easy to use for an odour free clean finish:
  • Deodorises - Remove odour from pet mess, urine & any other accidents or odours
  • Reactivating odour treatment prevent odour from returning
  • Helps to lift marks & soiling
  • Safe & non-toxic
  • Concentrated solution


How To Deep Clean Your Fake Grass

If you have pets, your artificial grass may require extra cleaning. Dirtbusters artificial grass cleaner is safe for use around pets and can help remove any pet waste or odors. After use, simply hose down the area and use Dirtbusters to keep your lawn fresh and clean.

Step #1 - Clear the area The first step in cleaning your synthetic grass is to clear the area. This means removing any furniture, toys, or other items from the area, as well as any solid waste. It's also important to make sure that pets and children stay out of the area during the cleaning process.

Step #2 - Hose down the area Next, thoroughly hose down the area with water. This will help wash away any standing urine. Be generous with the water application to rinse away as much as possible. If desired, you can let the area dry out in the sun.

Step #3 - Apply your preferred cleaner to the area. 

For all of the Dirtbusters & Pet Pro artificial grass cleaners follow these dilution instructions:

For even application, apply using a garden sprayer. Dilute Artificial Grass Cleaner at 1 Litre per 2 Litres of clean water. Spray onto the surface and agitate with a hard brush. 

For heavily soiled areas and strong odours, dilute at 50:50.   

Safe for children & pets to walk on the surface once dried. 

Step #4 - Let the cleaner sit for at least 15-20 minutes. We recommend that you spray the area liberally and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. For stubborn areas, you can also agitate the affected area with a brush after spraying the solution. This will help break down odors, tough soiling and allow the product to penetrate the artificial grass.

Step #5 - Hose down again if needed to remove any particles from soiling. 

Step #6 - Repeat if necessary, Allow the area to dry. If you still notice any issues, repeat the process as necessary. It may take a couple of applications to fully eliminate old set in dog urine or mess odour. With this easy to use solution you can keep your synthetic grass looking and smelling fresh all year round.

For small spillages

Other Occurrences Spills and accidents happen, but cleaning them up on artificial grass is easy.
A damp sponge and water are usually enough to remove any spills. For more stubborn stains, simply dilute a small amount of the artificial grass cleaner in a cup of water, mix, then sponge away the soiling. Leave for 10 minutes, and then rinse off with another cup of clean water.

Do's & Dont's


  • Sweep away leaves & organic debris
  • Use a hose or watering can to wash away light soiling
  • Deep clean with an artificial cleaner solution
  • Clean away mess as it happens


  • Avoid using sharp objects that can cut or tear the artificial grass
  • Use harsh chemicals or pesticides that could damage the plastic
  • Apply heat to your lawn
  • Use a domestic vacuum on your artificial grass

In summary, keeping your artificial grass clean is easy with the right tools and supplies. Regular cleaning with Dirtbusters artificial grass cleaner can keep your lawn looking beautiful all year round with less maintenance than a natural lawn.


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