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How to Clean Artificial Grass: Dirtbusters Artificial Grass Cleaner
Published: 02/09/2019
There are many benefits to artificial grass, no grass cutting, less maintenance, less mud and mess. No holes in the grass from dogs that love to dig, and no muddy paw prints throug...
How to Clean a Car Quickly and Easily: Dirtbusters Waterless Wash & Wax
Published: 15/08/2019
It’s the summer holidays and you want to give your car a quick wash whilst the kids are playing, or maybe you just took your car for a spin and it got a little dusty. A deep clea...
How to Remove Water Marks From Stainless Steel
Published: 04/04/2019
Stainless Steel water marks are so stubborn. No matter how much you wipe over with a general cleaning solution they just don’t seem to disappear. The solution? Dirtbusters St...
Alternative Carpet Cleaning Solutions for Vax - How to Use Dirtbusters Carpet Cleaning Products in a Vax Machine
Published: 08/03/2019
One of the most popular questions we get asked is if our carpet cleaning solutions can be used in a Vax machine. The answer - YES, they can! All our extraction carpet cleaning ...
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