DIRTBUSTERS professional oven cleaning training to start up business package

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  • Expert hands-on training from industry leading professionals
  • Independent alternative to an oven cleaning Franchise
  • Learn in a safe and friendly environment
  • Everything you will need to know to professionally clean ovens in a profitable, safe and economical way
  • We can offer whole professional setup - from training through to full kit with van outfitting
  • Trained over 600 companies & professionals 
  • Affordable and varied level training package options
  • Access to trade prices on our products
  • Option to have industry standard insurance
  • Easy finance options


Our training center is based at our HQ on Dirtbusters farm.

Oven Cleaning Training Courses and Oven cleaning Business Opportunities in the UK

The independent alternative to an oven cleaning Franchise.

We have trained over 600 companies and individuals in oven cleaning and have a proven track record in offering the best oven cleaning training and giving honest unbiased answers to all clients enquiring about our oven cleaning training and start up packages. Contact us for a brochure below.

We have established a national network of oven cleaning companies which is fully open for anyone to join.

We have trained people quite literally from the highlands of Scotland to Lands' End including Northern and Southern Ireland. We have also trained companies in France, Spain, Germany and the Channel Isles.

With our years in the cleaning industry, we have developed our oven cleaning techniques into a fine art; creating our own method to be used with our unique eco safe oven cleaning chemicals, reducing the time it takes to give a professional oven clean.

We have carried out a lot of research into the methods that oven cleaners are currently using. Many people are using dangerous caustic chemicals or ineffective and time-consuming pastes and gels.

If you are unhappy with the amount of time it takes you to finish one oven, or if you struggle to get a near perfect finish then we could definitely help you with our oven cleaning training courses.

Oven cleaning business startup is one of our specialties, and we offer oven cleaning training packages perfect for the complete oven cleaning novice. We will show you absolutely everything you will need to know to successfully take apart and professionally clean ovens in a profitable, safe and economical way. As well as this we will advise you on how to market and advertise your company, customer acquisition, retention and loyalty.

We only manufacture safe bio environmentally friendly oven cleaning chemicals which are used in thousands of homes and businesses each day.

Please contact us below for more details, friendly advice & for our training course brochure. Or simply Call Us: (+44) 01304 826607

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The first day: would be spent in our oven cleaning training unit going through the process and techniques of oven cleaning on different types of oven and hobs.

Days two and three: would be spent out on the job with our technicians. You can observe how the process works in real job situations and get hands on oven cleaning experience.

We go through the bio oven cleaning cleaning process from start to finish.

You learn how to inspect an oven before any cleaning work begins to spot potential problems and faults in the condition and working of an oven.

You would learn how to set up the equipment.

How to protect the work area so as to not leave any mess in the customer’s home.

How to remove all cleanable parts from the oven /hob/extractor, use of the oven cleaning dip tank and cleaning of the removed parts.

Remove doors, remove back plate. Take off the fan, clean and replace.

Learn how to clean stainless steel without scratching and how to oil the stainless steel to make it look like new.

The process of cleaning an extractor, removing the cover, cleaning and replacing the filter.

How to polish and clean the exterior of the appliance.

Writing of invoices and collection of payment.

We will also cover the marketing and advertising options for your business. Our oven cleaning training courses will rovide you with experienced advice on van signs and Google Adwords, customer retention loyalty and acquisition.

Dirtbusters are committed to providing the professional oven cleaner with all equipment and chemicals necessary to run a bio degradable, non caustic, environmentally friendly oven cleaning non Franchise business.

Many oven cleaners claim to offer this service whilst still using harmful caustic chemicals in their heated dip tanks and oven cleaning chemicals. The Dirtbusters bio oven cleaning process is completely non caustic, non toxic and bio degradable with no fumes or unpleasant odours.

We decided to formulate our own oven cleaning chemicals due to the only commercial chemicals available being caustic based. Our aim was to develop safe, non caustic, effective oven cleaning chemicals with no harmful fumes. The bio chemical we produce fulfils all these aims allowing all of our customers to offer an environmentally friendly oven cleaning service.

We offer open and honest advice on tanks, chemicals and training allowing anyone thinking about entering into the oven cleaning business the information they need to make a decision about which route they want to take into the business. We feel our equipment and oven cleaning packages offer great value for money.

Dirtbusters offer a value alternative to purchasing an oven cleaning franchise.

With Dirtbusters non franchise training packages you have the opportunity to become an independent fully trained oven cleaning company whilst becoming a member of a national organisation. All Dirtbusters trainees become members of Dirtbusters oven cleaning network www.dirtbustersovencleaningnetwork.co.uk

All of our oven cleaning detergents and pastes contain NO harmful Toxic or Caustic chemicals, these have been developed with pure safety and the environment in mind - all of our chemistry is 100% safe – This is a vital part to Dirtbusters Environmentally Friendly Commitment and work ethos.

Yes we do. We can completly Kit you out ready for buisness!