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Our Products

Our products, in absolutely no part of the production process (both individual chemicals and the final product) are tested on animals. In 2015, animal testing in the UK household cleaning products industry was banned. Regardless, we do not believe in animal testing and our products are cruelty free. 

All of our products are made, designed and tested in the UK.

All our products are manufactured using detergents that are biodegradable in compliance with EU/UK guidelines as they must be to conform to the detergent regulations. Inorganic components are either inert or readily neutralise to form inert compounds. All of our packaging is recyclable and boxes also contain recycled material. All of our products are created in the UK to lessen our carbon footprint.

We supply safety data sheets by email upon request. Please get in touch by email letting us know the name of the product(s) and we can send these over to you.

Our solutions are vegan as we do not use animal derived products. Even Glycerin, when used, is vegetable derived.

The only product that isn't vegan is our Leather Balms Lavender & Sandalwood. These two products contain some Bees Wax as well as Tallow.

We never test on animals.

Professional, Trade & Wholesale

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Carpet Cleaning

If your machine has two tanks, one for clean water and the other for cleaning solution, you should dilute our product 50:50 with water so that it is diluted even further by the machine. If your machine has one tank for both water and cleaning solution you should dilute our product 10ml per Litre.

One of the most common mistakes when using an extraction cleaning machine to clean carpets is over-wetting. Going over the same patch of carpet many times causes the back of the carpet to become wet, this releases an unpleasant smell. If this happens, you can allow the carpet to dry before using the machine again with your Carpet Cleaning Product of choice from our extraction machine range. Use the machine over the carpet just once to remove the smell and clean thoroughly. 

We recommend using a carpet Pre-Spray before using an extraction machine for best results. Spray the Pre-Spray onto the carpet, agitate if with a clean brush/broom, and then extract with a machine using your carpet shampoo of choice from our carpet cleaning range.

Yes, all of our extraction cleaning machine products, including our Pet Carpet Cleaning range, are suitable for upholstery cleaning. The best solution for safe upholstery cleaning is Clean & Condition.

We have 3 Pre-Sprays– 1, 2 & 3 – 1 is the gentlest solution suitable for all carpets, 2 is medium for synthetic carpets, and 3 is the strongest for very dirty synthetic carpets such as in restaurants. For general cleaning at home by non-professionals, we recommend our Pre-Spray no.1. This is our lightest Pre-Spray suitable for any carpet material. If you’re not a professional carpet cleaner and are unsure on what to use, choose Pre Spray no.1.

If the stain is on the surface of the carpet such as from tea, coffee or fake tan you can use our Tea & Coffee stain remover. This is designed to lift tannin. If the colouring is over patches of the carpet, it is likely it has been lifted from the bottom of the carpet such as from flooding or over-wetting during cleaning. For this you can use Citrus Rinse in an Extraction machine, which should balance out the colouring. Always test before use in an inconspicuous area. 

Clean & Condition is the best extraction machine chemical safe for upholstery, rugs and general carpet cleaning. It leaves a soft conditioning treatment.

Oven Cleaning

To clean the inside of an oven the products to start with are our Bio Oven Cleaner combined with Oven Cleaning Paste. These products work together to break down carbon and dirt from the entire oven interior, including the glass. We recommend Oven Cleaning Kit to get you started, which includes a blade, scraper and scourer to help with the cleaning process.

Bio Oven Cleaner is safe to use on self-clean ovens. This is a safe, gentle product that has great results in lifting grease and carbon, making it suitable for self-clean liners. 

Yes, Aluminium is safe to put into our dip tanks using our Bio Oven Cleaner & Commercial Dip Tank Powder. You should soak these parts for 10 minutes only. If left for longer you can use a green scouring pad, or our Oven Cleaning Paste to gently remove any residue. 

Yes, Oven Cleaning Paste is a non-scratch formula that is safe for use even on glass.

Leather Care

Our Leather Cleaning Products are suitable for sealed leather only. Leathers such as Aniline and Nubuck should not be cleaned with our products as they are not sealed leathers. 

Yes, you only need a small amount of our leather balm. It is enough to last many applications to make leather supple. 

Stove Care

Yes, you can use our Stove Polish on fire surrounds and Stoves that aren’t in use. You should apply a small amount to the surface, allowing it to air dry before applying any more.

Our Stove Cleaning Paste is designed for this purpose. It is a non-scratch abrasive paste that lifts carbon, soot and black marks from the inside glass. Leaving you with a clear view of your cosy fire. 

Other Cleaning & Products

Yes, if you have a macerator system connected to the shower, sink and/or bath you can use our Toilet Cleaner & Macerator Descaler in the same way to descale and clean the system. Follow the same instructions for general cleaning or descaling. 

Our Pet Carpet Cleaners and Deodorisers are designed to tackle all of those pet smells. You can use Pet Carpet Cleaner in an extraction machine, Pet Odour Neutraliser sprayed on by hand, or Pet Steam Mop in a Steam Cleaning Machine. Reactivating odour neutraliser keep on neutralising the smell, replacing it with a lovely fragrance of blackberry & fig, chamomile & geranium or wild fig & cassis.

UPVC paste is designed for use on UPVC windows sills, door frames etc. It is a non-scratch formula, so it is gentle enough to use on most foiled surfaces. However, we always recommend patch testing before using all over the surface.

Our Waterless Car Cleaner is ready to use and does not need diluting further. It can be used with minimal equipment for easy cleaning. It also doubles up as an interior polish too.

Yes, you can use our stove polish to bring pan supports back to an even black finish using our polish. The polish will bond onto the pan supports when heated. 

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