How to clean, restore & protect your car interior leather car seats & leather trims -
Aston Martin DB5 how to clean your leather car seats and car interior leather trims paul McCartney(The famous James Bond car - Aston Martin DB5, previously owned by The Beatles Paul McCartney & Chris Evans. Click here for more info on drivetribe)

    Having car leather seats and trims in your car is not only a luxury, but also adds to the vehicle's beauty and finish. It is important that this interior leather gets the loves and care it deserves, especially considering you would have paid a premium to have it in the first place.

    With that in mind, its best to ensure that your leather car seats & trims are kept in a good clean condition and protected, to avoid it getting into a damaged shabby state that could devalue your vehicle (and also let the overall finish down).

    Cleaning & conditioning your car leather seats should be done regularly and to be included into your car cleaning routine. This will ensure that your clean car leather seats are maintained whilst keeping them supple and protected.

    To clean your car leather interior, we recommend using Ignition Transmission®  Car Leather Seat & Upholstery Cleaner followed by the Ignition Transmission® Car Leather Conditioning Balm to condition, restore and protect your leather.

    Here are the top-line benefits of using the car leather cleaner.

    • 3-in-one solution, clean, restore & deodorise leather seats and trims
    • Revives leather surfaces
    • Neutral effective cleaning formula
    • Deodorisers and eliminates any unwanted odours 
    • Easy to use for a professional finish

    Here is the top-line benefits of using the car leather Balm.

    • Can be used as treatment for leather car seats & trim
    • All-in-one cleans, deep conditions & protects
    • Contains natural waxes, which feed & nourish leather
    • Restores new & old leather
    • Enhances natural colour
    • Helps waterproof & keeps leather supple & soft, to prevent cracking

    The additional benefit of both of these high-quality products, is that they are incredibly easy to use for a great finish. The products also can be used on your other leather products, for example a leather sofa or armchair.

    The leather Balm is not suitable for use on Suede, Nubuck or Aniline leather (or any unsealed leather).

     aston martin db5 james bond paul mcartney the beatles leather car seat cleaner(The famous James Bond car - Aston Martin DB5, previously owned by The Beatles Paul McCartney & Chris Evans. Click here for more info on drivetribe)

    How to clean your car leather seats and trims:

     Step 1

    • It's obvious but important, Vacuum! Make sure you clean up all the loose dirt and debris, get in there on the seams, nooks and crannies of your seats and leather trims. Make sure any debris is removed from the leather before you begin to use the cleaner in the next step.

    Step 2 - Using the Car Leather Seat & Upholstery Cleaner.

    • Apply solution directly to the leather
    • Using a clean cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth. Wipe over the surface of the leather in circular motions
    • Work thoroughly into any stained or dirt trapped areas. 
    • Repeat as necessary to remove any tough dirt deposits

    Step 2 - Using the Car Leather Seat Conditioning Balm. (Always spot test before use, to check desired effect)

    • Apply the balm to a clean cloth or sponge.
    • Using a circular motion, rub the balm into the leather surface, working one area at a time
    • Leave for a few minutes for the leather to absorb the balm oils
    • Then gently buff with a clean cloth

    Repeat both cleaning and conditioning depending on how often your car leather seats are used, made dirty and exposed to a hot sunny climate. We recommend doing at least once a month for a professional clean leather interior.


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