How to clean conservatories and plastic UPVC window frames -

Cleaning uPVC window frames and conservatories seems like a big job, but with the right equipment, products and know-how it can be easier and fuss free.

Keeping uPVC window frames and conservatories clean helps maintain the appearance of the exterior of a home. Both uPVC and conservatories are designed to withstand all types of weather. However regular cleaning does help to protect them from any moss, algae, mould or mildew damage. Cleaning uPVC and conservatories is best done on a dry day.

This article will talk you through the most efficient and safest way to clean your uPVC windowsills and conservatories. Follow this guide to get professional results with minimal effort.


Dirtbusters Conservatory Cleaner

Dirtbusters uPVC Cleaning Paste

Microfibre cloths

Non-scratch pads

A hose, sprayer or bucket of water



Cleaning a conservatory can be a tricky job as they’re usually quite high and difficult to get to. When cleaning the conservatory roof you might need a ladder to reach this part. 

Conservatory roofs are often covered in moss, bird mess, grime, algae and dirt. To remove all of these effectively, an effective but safe solution is required.

Dirtbusters Conservatory Cleaner is a solvent free, environmentally aware, safe solution that removes all the above from conservatories. It contains eucalyptus oils to provide a lovely natural scent to make cleaning that bit more enjoyable!

This product needs diluting (which means it lasts longer) 100:1. E.g 100ml of conservatory cleaner diluted with 10Litres of water – a little goes a long way. Once diluted, apply the solution using a brush, sponge, sprayer or cloth. Agitate and leave for a few minutes before rinsing away with fresh water from either a hose, spray or bucket of water.

Let the conservatory dry before moving onto the next step.


uPVC on conservatories and window frames are particularly prone to dirt, mould, streaking and weathering. They can look dull and grey after some time, so it’s important to keep them clean. Using Dirtbusters uPVC paste on uPVC doors, window frames, facias, garden furniture, cladding etc. helps to restore the surface.

It’s important to never use an abrasive material that could scratch uPVC when cleaning it. Always use non-scratching materials and the correct solutions to avoid scratching and damaging the surface.

Dirtbusters uPVC paste is odour, fume and solvent free. The formula contains abrasive, non-scratching compounds that works to lift dirt and grime safely from uPVC without scratching it.

Using a slightly damp microfibre cloth or non-scratch pad, wipe the paste over the surface of the uPVC. Work the paste into the area to lift dirt and deposits. Rinse clean with a clean damp cloth and buff dry with a fresh microfibre.

Whilst cleaning make sure to change the non-scratch pad or cloth if it gets very dirty. If the paste finds its way onto the conservatory or window (or any other surface attached to the uPVC), remove it with a clean damp cloth. 


Using these products and the method described, uPVC window frames should be restored back to white and conservatories clean and clear. Cleaning uPVC window frames and conservatories is one left for the summer or any warmer day when the conservatory is covered in moss and the window frames are looking dull.