Dirtbusters Portable Oven Cleaning Dip Tank Gas

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  • Affordable gas-powered oven cleaning dip tank
  • Clean like a Professional, this kit achieves an expert clean
  • Portable, easy to fit into small van or estate car
  • Top quality stainless steel
  • Most economical way to an oven cleaning business
  • Easy to remove tank

Our tanks are manufactured from 2mm 304 grade stainless steel, they consist of:

  • 1. Bottom tray with brand new 8.8kw gas burner, regulator and hose.
  • 2. Middle cleaning tray which the cleaning solution is poured into.
  • 3. Lid which doubles as a finishing tray.
  • 4. NEW SPEC 13mm gate valve for quick and easy drainage.
  • 5. NEW SPEC Four handles: two on lid and finishing tray, two on the tank itself. Making assembly, movement and drainage easier.

When packed away the size is 80cm by 60cm by 20cm. All that is needed is a 13kg propane bottle.

The oven cleaning tank is highly portable and will easily fit into a small van or estate. First the tank is set up at the back of the vehicle then the bottom burner tray is placed on the ground and gas turned on and burner lit. The middle cleaning tray is placed over the burner and solution poured in. The oven racks, liners, back plate etc is placed in the solution and left to soak whilst the shell of the oven is cleaned in the house. When the oven cleaner returns to the tank, burnt on carbon has been released or turned to soft mush and is easily cleaned off. When you have finished the solution is emptied and the trays placed back in the vehicle and onto the next job.

This set up is the most economical way to start an oven cleaning business. It is also great for those with already established cleaning businesses offering other services as well, the budget tank gives the flexibility of taking the tank down when it’s not needed.

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