How to Clean up Pet Mess & Smells in your Home & Garden - Pet Pro by Dirtbusters -

Pets are a very important part of the family, they certainly are in our Dirtbusters family. We couldn’t be without them, but they can make unwanted mess, smells and stains in our homes and gardens that need quick and safe solutions. That’s why we created Pet Pro - a range of cleaning products specifically designed to clean up after messy pets.

This blog post will guide you through the best ways to clean with each of our expertly-designed formulations.

Read on to find out how to:

  • Destroy cat & dog wee and other odours from your carpets & upholstery
  • Deep clean carpets using a pet specific carpet shampoo
  • Freshen up dog beds, sofas & fabrics
  • Clear up pet mess from hard floors
  • Rinse away pet poo, urine & odours from artificial grass

Life is busy, and pets demand our attention, so cleaning up after their mess needs to be quick, easy and effective.

We had you pet owners in mind during the entire creation process. As well as the smells, mess and dirt your cats & dogs (rabbits, and any other animal you call your pet) create. Whether it’s cleaning up the muddy paw prints on the wood floor from your dog in the hallway, carpet cleaning to remove cat urine odour, or rinsing away dog poo from your artificial grass, we have you covered.

Smells, odours & stains can be stubborn to remove without the right product. Our solutions have been created by professional cleaners to make sure that you have the best, but safe, product for tackling the issue at hand. Reduce your time and effort cleaning, with our specially formulated pet cleaning solutions.

All our Pet Pro product formulas are vegan friendly, safe for furry friends and non-toxic. They treat bad odours, stains and dirt without harsh ingredients.


    Removing Dog & Cat Odours, Mess & Dirt from Carpets, Rugs & Upholstery

    We’ve all been there, you swear your puppy won’t be allowed on the sofa or on your bed, next thing you know they’re snuggled up with their head on your pillow.

    Smells from dog fur, cat urine, vomit and faeces require effective re-activating odour neutralisers, stain removers and cleaning agents to cut through fur oils, grease and stubborn strong pet odours.

    The Pet Pro solutions designed for carpets, rugs, upholstery and even dog beds, are our Carpet Shampoo, Odour Eliminator, Stain & Odour Remover, and Urine & Odour Destroyer.

    With these Pet Pro carpet cleaner solutions in your cleaning kit, you’ll be ready to tackle any pet-related mess on your carpets, sofas, rugs and fabric armchairs.

    Use Pet Pro Carpet Shampoo in wet carpet cleaner machines. Follow the dilution rates on the back of the bottle. No more solution is needed than advised, using more can make things worse not better! We always recommend going over the carpet once, maximum twice, to avoid making pet smells worse from over-wetting. This solution has a summer fresh fragrance.

    Urine & Odour Destroyer can be used as a standalone product in any carpet shampoo extraction machine, diluted into a spray bottle and applied by hand, or add a capful to the Pet Pro Carpet Shampoo in the machine’s tank to double up on deodorisers for extra strong smells such as cat urine.
    *Top tip when spraying this product on by hand, you should let the solution soak into the carpet as much as the smell has done. Make sure to soak the fibres enough to cover all areas of the odour problem, and leave to dry.

    Remove old pet stains & odours from fabrics using Stain & Odour Remover. This is a simple, ready to use, spray on product. Simply spray onto the affected area, lightly agitate with a cloth, before blotting with a damp cloth.

    Odour Eliminator is a handy spray deodoriser to have on hand to freshen up dog beds, carpets, cushions, fabric sofas and armchairs. It destroys odours and leaves a Fig fragrance.


    Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner for Pet Mess

    Pet Pro Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner is a pet safe floor solution for any hard floors. From laminate flooring to wood floors, our Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner is safe to use on any sealed flooring.

    Our pet safe hardwood floor cleaner treats pet dirt, mess and grime such as muddy paw prints, urine, sick and poo with deodorisers and gentle cleaning ingredients. It cleans and deodorises, leaving an Ocean Mist fragrance.

    This solution is simple to use so that you can quickly clean up dog & cat mess whenever you need to. It’s concentrated so you get 25 Litres of diluted product out of a 5 Litre bottle.

    To use our Pet Multi-Floor Cleaning Solution in a hard floor machine use at the same dilution rate as the manufacturer tank instructions, or 1 part Multi Floor Solution to 5 parts water. That’s 100ml of product to 500ml of clean, warm water.

    To clean using a mop & bucket, simply add a splash of Pet Pro Mult-Surface Floor Cleaner to a bucket of warm water.

    After cleaning, avoid walking on the surface and leave it to air dry. Once it’s dry, it’s completely safe for pets to walk over the surface.

    This solution is safe to use in any hard floor cleaning machine or spot wash.


    Artificial Grass Cleaner for Dog Poo & Urine

    We didn’t forget about your home exterior when we created our Pet Pro range. Pet Pro Artificial Grass Cleaner is specifically designed to target odours, dirt and stains on fake grass leaving an essential oil fragrance.

    If your pets use the artificial grass as their toilet, you’ll want to clean regularly to avoid build-up of smells and dirt. Keep your garden clean and clear using our easy to use, pet-safe Artificial Grass Cleaner.

    This is also concentrated and needs diluting into a garden sprayer or watering can. Dilute at 2:1. That’s 2 litres of water for every 1 Litre of Grass Cleaner solution. After spraying on the surface, agitate with a garden brush or broom. Leave to work for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off with clean water.


    We have lots of tips and tricks for cleaning up after your much loved family pets. If we’ve not covered your problem here or in another blog post, please send an email to and one of our experts will guide you.

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