How to Clean your Car in Less than 20 Minutes. -
If you are short on time and/or do not want to spend hours laboriously cleaning your car (who does?) Ignition Transmission® Waterless wash & wax is the ultimate time saving product that will leave your car clean and sparkling in less than 20 minutes.

Clean your car with no need to have access to running water, a hose or even a bucket. This solution is so simple and easy to use, you can keep it in your boot with a couple of microfibre cloths, ready for when you need to give the exterior of the car a quick spritz.

With the Waterless wash & wax there is simply no excuse for driving around in a dirty car and being caught out by pesky bird droppings, a dusty road or any other muck & grime acquired on your travels.

Here are the topline benefits of the Waterless wash & wax.

  • Contains the highest quality polymer wax for a professional gloss finish
  • Quick & easy car cleaning solution
  • No-streak, No-scratch formula
  • No need for buckets or a hose
  • Car cleaning without water
  • Paint protecting wax
  • Water beading treatment
  • Removes dirt, mud, grease & oil
  • Perfect for a quick top-up exterior clean


NOTE - If your car is really dirty and a deeper exterior clean is necessary, we recommend following the four stages of car cleaning, and starting with a Pre-Clean Stage 1 treatment of our Snow Foam wash, which lifts & loosens heavy dirt deposits.


How to use

1. Working on one panel or external area at a time, generously spray on the Waterless Wash & Wax, to cover the whole area.

Pro Tip - Start on the roof slowly working your way to the bottom of the vehicle one area at a time.

2. Pre-wet a clean microfiber cloth with the solution, then wipe in one direction over the sprayed area, working into any areas of soiling to remove dirt deposits. 

Pro Tip - Fold the cleaning cloth into sections, to ensure that is a new clean area to use when a side becomes soiled.

3. Wipe until the entire area is dry & then move onto the next section.

Pro Tip - Avoid wiping in circular motions, as you can wipe dirt back into the clean sections.

4. Once all areas have been sprayed and wiped clean, proceed to buff in circular motions from top to bottom with a new clean cloth for a shiny polished finish.

 Need any further help with cleaning your car or advise on what products are best for your needs? Get in contact with our experts 

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